Feet Require More Than a Kitchen Floor Mat

Old fashioned shoes and boots of the past used a midsole layer of blown foams (EVA or PU). The collapsing and deforming foam materials used for this simple, quick and cheaper shoe construction (materials used for making kitchen floor mats), over a short time, bottom and thin out, no longer offering what needful feet require. Many situations call for advanced insole systems, requiring enhanced protection, stability, and energy efficiency. 

Situations the Best of the Best are called upon and respond to...

Advanced Materials  

Developing an insole that offers unprecedented protections requires more than a thick, heavy plate in the sole of combat-security boots -- because manning a patrol and running a marathon in a pair of "stiff ski boots" is no fun.

 Kingetics insoles were built and tested for the US Department of Defense and Army Medical Research and Materials Command (research contract SBIR A11-109).

Advanced scientific materials such as Kevlar® Aramid synthetic fibers and light weight, extremely strong carbon fibers were used for manufacturing. These materials are light weight and have extremely high tensile and impact strength, as well as high resistance and tolerance against extreme environmental conditions. Because of their super strength to weight properties they are often used in aerospace and bullet resistant body armor - military and police helmets, race cars, prosthetics and exoskeleton bodies.

Utilizing many of these advanced materials, Kingetics has created light weight, durable, protective insoles systems which all feet deserve.

The penetration graph presented is of prior independent professional laboratory testing showing that tested insoles could attain up to 10x times more puncture protection per ASTM testing over the currently mandated US Army Regulation 670-1 required polyurethane, foam-based, combat boot systems.

The best offense is a greater defense.

Simple Machine Mechanics and Maximalism

Basic Physics... Really? Physics? What if I only got art degrees in college?

Maximalism must show significant improvement in protection, stability, energy efficiency and ...Greenablility TM.

Inverted Pendulum and Passive Dynamic Gait Enhancement

Maximalism is the Inverse of minimalism.

Kingetics Insole System takes advantage of one of the most powerful simple machines in the universe: The Lever.

Archimedes of (F1D1=F2D2) fame was a big fan of the lever and so are we.  We stand solid and quickly move about our world on our internationally patented innovations consisting of FOUR SIMPLE MACHINES balanced in a closed kinetic chain utilizing:    an incline plane, a mid-stance LEVER, a decline plane, and a long LEVER.

Levers Do Work


Improve Pressure Dissipation for Better Balance

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 2.09.45 PM.png

Kingetics Orthotic Insole Systems help improve pressure dissipation across the entire foot.