advanced mechanical orthotic System
Maximum Protection, Balance & Efficiency


Leveraging Simple-Machine Engineering.
Made with Advanced Composite Materials. 


The Kingetics insole system utilities advanced mechanical engineering principles to drastically improve balance and energy efficiency in your every step. Its double-lever system gives you better balance by evenly distributing your weight across the entire surface of your feet. It is made with Advanced Composite Ballistics materials (same materials used in body armors) to give the insole its superior puncture and fire protections. The flexibility of the material creates spring points, making each steps more effortless by returning more energy from previous steps.


Kingetics is Recognized by Industry Experts

The Potentials of Kingetics is Wide-Reaching

  • Construction Workers - Protection against lose nails, screws and sharp objects that are common on work sites. Foot injuries are costly and negatively impacts productivity.
  • Active Military Members - Designed by a veteran army podiatrist, Kingetics' orthotic system increases the energy efficiency of walking with heavy loads while reducing soreness and fatigue on the body.
  • Fire Fighters & Rescue Workers - Heroes who put their lives in danger each day, working in hazardous environments to help others, deserves the best protection for every part of their body. Two layers of rubber and foam is not going to cut it.
  • Diabetics & The Elderly - Healing abilities are dramatically decreased as you get older, especially if you are diabetic. A fall or a foot puncture wound can result in serious complications.
  • Advanced Prosthetics  - Our patented technology can be used to further enhanced designs of conventional prosthetic, giving them better energy return and improved balance.
  • Robotics - Many modern robots designs fail at establishing stability because of their flat-foot design (robot fails). Our patented orthotic system can be applied to provide better weight distribution and create better balance.