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Kingetics Orthotic Demonstration

(Levered Spring with Advanced Composites)


See the mechanical motion of the spring levered advanced composite orthotic system by Kingetics. This insert provides better heel impact mitigation, better energy efficiency, and better safety profiles.

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A Scientific Solution that Solves Today's Demands

  • Construction Workers - Protection against nails, screws and sharp objects that are common on work sites. Foot injuries are costly and negatively impact productivity.

  • Active Military Members - Designed by a Veteran Army podiatrist, Kingetics' Orthotic System increases the energy efficiency of walking with heavy loads while reducing soreness and fatigue on the body.

  • Fire Fighters & Rescue Workers - Heroes who put their lives in danger each day, working in hazardous environments to help others, deserve the best protection for every part of their body.

  • Diabetics & The Elderly - Healing abilities are dramatically decreased as you get older, especially if you are diabetic. A fall or a foot puncture wound can result in serious complications.

  • Advanced Prosthetics - Our patented technology can be used to further enhance designs of conventional prosthetics, giving them better energy return and improved balance.

  • Robotics - Modern robot designs fail and fall because of their flat-foot design (robot fails). Our patented orthotic system can be applied to provide better passive dynamics to create maximized stability and energy efficiency.


Advanced Composite Materials


Advanced Mechanical Engineering


The Kingetics Orthotic Insole System utilizes advanced mechanical and biomedical engineering principles to


Its simple machine lever system gives you enhanced stability by evenly distributing your weight across the entire surface of your feet and more evenly against the ground.

It's made with Advanced Composite Ballistics materials (many of the same materials used in body armor) to give the insole its enhanced protections from puncture and fire (over the current foam combat and safety boots).  

Advanced Composite Spring Blades (like the springs used by the brave and fast Paralympic and Olympic runners) harness the energy of the harmful impacts of walking and running, enhancing energy efficiency.

Tested. Proven. Here are some of our research partners.


Join Sir Albert, a knowledgeable primate, as he explores the importance and benefits of Kingetics Orthotic and Advanced Gait Systems for those who volunteer to stand in harms way for our families. Learn about the benefits of foot protective insoles to first responders, disaster relief workers and anyone that works in foot-hazardous environments.